www.mywindowbox.com  Cast iron and aluminium window boxes-bringing the garden to your window

www.haileywoodsawmill.co.uk  Sawn timber and garden furniture in Gloucestershire

www.rhs.org.uk  Royal Horticultural Society

www.nationaltrust.org.uk  Rather nice houses and gardens!

http://thinkingardens.co.uk  For people who want more than gardening...

http://chelseaphysicgarden.co.uk  Made in Chelsea

www.gardenmuseum.org.uk  Great grandads shed

www.hardy-plant.org.uk  Passionate about hardy plants

www.traceyelphick.co.uk   Very talented artist in Cirencester (unbiased opinion)

www.unicornpublishing.org  Publishers for John Sales.

www.miserdennursery.co.uk Star of episode 3

www.barnsleyhouse.com  Star of episode 3

www.geoffreycarr.co.uk  My sidekick in Product Review