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Growthfully Podcast with Sarah Layton

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Listen in as garden designer (and former psychotherapist), Sarah Layton enjoys fascinating conversations with inspiring women who enjoy a special relationship with their garden. She discusses gardens, plants and wellbeing, of course, but also travel to a world of unexpected subjects that matter including personal space, self-care, feminism, body image, perfectionism, nature, social history and more.

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Trowle and Error Podcast with Laurence and Lili.

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Follow the hosts Laurence and Lili on their adventure into the hilarious world of horticulture. These two are the perfect match, are always laughing at their mishaps, and have that rare ingredient so important in a team of two. Relative newcomers to gardening they work together as apprentices in large garden and have fun whatever they're up to. They say 'When two inexperienced gardeners meet and embark on a strange and confusing journey of machinery mistakes and woeful weeding, brilliant things can happen. Maybe'.

Let's Grow, Girls with                        Sarah Hulyer and Nicole Laird

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They say'Hosts and flower friends Sarah and Nicole keep gardeners across the world company as they tend to their cut flower patches - interviewing industry experts and simplifying difficult topics in short(ish) episodes ​ Have you dreamed of ditching supermarket bunches and growing your own seasonal flowers? Or perhaps you already grow beautiful blooms but none of your real life friends really get it - that's where Let's Grow, Girls comes in!'

The Seed Pod Podcast with Richard Chivers and Becky Searle

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They say 'Welcome to the world of growing food! Richard Chivers and Becky Searle take you on a trip through the fascinating world of organic gardening delivering seasonal advice, fascinating science and stories from their own gardens'.

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Grow, Cook, Eat, Arrange with      Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson

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They say 'Welcome to "grow, cook, eat, arrange", the brand new podcast by gardeners Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson, who've worked together for nearly ten years at the beautiful Perch Hill Farm in the South of England. Sarah loves gardening in general but growing produce both food and flowers is the part she loves the most. She also loves to cook straight forward garden-picked food every day with the minimal amount of ingredients and palaver but the greatest amount of taste! Arthur is Sarah's friend and workmate who picks beautiful arrangements for photoshoots and open days at the farm, from buckets of scented sweet peas to huge armfuls of dahlias and towering gladiolus. We'll be releasing a new episode every Friday, featuring a relaxed informative chat between Sarah & Arthur across a variety of topics. They'll focus on their favourite flowers currently growing, or needing to be sown in the garden and the tastiest produce on the veg slope at Perch Hill. They'll talk about how to sow or grow them as well as how to harvest or arrange them, adding their favourite tips or methods along the way. As well as chatting about gardening and growing, Sarah will give you some of her favourite recipes full of food you can produce. So whatever gardening you're into, whatever size your garden is, or whatever level of experience you have, there'll be something for everybody.

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Gardens Illustrated Magazine Podcast

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Probably the earliest adopter of the podcasting format GI started filling peoples iPods way back in 2006. See old lectures and brilliant interviews with top gardening names including Beth Chatto, John Brookes, Anna Pavord, Fergus Garrett, and on and on the well known list of names continues. They say 'The Gardens Illustrated podcast features an eclectic mix of talks and interviews with notable garden figures and designers.' I say 'it's a valuable aural history of our favourite gardeners past and present'. Finished putting out new episodes back in 2018. Needs to return!!

Kitchen Garden Podcast from  Kitchen Garden Magazine

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They say 'Kitchen Garden is Britain’s best guide to on how to grow your own food. It offers down-to-earth advice from the finest minds in gardening to make sure you get the tastiest produce from your plot. There are tips on how to grow your own wide range of fruit and vegetable crops and how to control troublesome pests plus what to do on your plot each month'.

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