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Welcome to Pot and Cloche Garden Podcasts. Started in January 2018 Joff

talks to authors, head gardeners, writers, nurseries, and other interesting horty types. 

Recommended by Jane Perrone, Gardening Editor of the GUARDIAN

'HEAR THIS. Tune into new podcast Pot and Cloche while you get on top of the weeding. The host, Cotswold based horticulturist Joff Elphick, speaks to head gardeners, and growers about their plant passions.'


Joff is also an integral part of the GENUS garden clothing brand where he maintains the gardens and borders at Genus HQ  for  product photo shoots.

Listen to Episode 7 with Pam Ayres

Show notes to follow soon. In the meantime enjoy this lovely chat with Pam.

Listen to Episode 6

In this episode sponsored by MYWINDOWBOX.COM I talk to scientist, TV presenter, cook and gardener Judith Hann about her lastest book. HERBS-Delicious growing tips and recipes to transform your food. As well as talking herbs Judith finally puts the record straight on Rick Steins visit and the death of a 'beloved pet rabbit at the hands of Chalky the dog'.

  • The beautiful book and photographs
  • Voted Top 14 books in 2017  by Gardens Illustrated
  • The Herb Society
  • Judith preceded Jekka McViccar as president
  • Zoology in the 60's with David Bellamy
  • Judith's first introduction to herbs
  • A tour of Judith's herb garden
  • Herb teas
  • The magnificent Chicken Brick
  • Edible flowers
  • Herbs sugars
  • Cutting back herbs for better plants
  • Hard, hard, prune lavender. REALLY!!
  • Hanns Herbs and The Herb School Judith runs
  • Herb pesto's. Sage pesto surprisingly Number One
  • Cupcake 'Judith Hann"
  • Seed collecting
  • Joff sets the kitchen on fire.
  • Rick Stein, the lovely Chalky and the dead 'pet' rabbit.
  • Jane Perrone Guardian Gardens editor says 'Hi'. 
  • The Product Review with Geoff Carr

Listen to Episode 5

In this episode (part 2 of 2) sponsored by the lovely team at  I continue my conversation with John Sales former Head of Gardens for The National Trust. We talk more about Graham Stuart Thomas and discuss everything from 'Historisist restoration' to 'Nookiness'. (The greatest thing that I possess)

The episode is finished with Geoff Carr and yours truly embarking on our regular product review which generates much discussion over a simple everyday 'item'. 


  • Choosing a tree with GST
  • Appreciating the picturesque
  • Identifying flower scent
  • Policy, policy, policy. Or not.
  • Keeping the ship afloat
  • The garden History Society and Westbury Court
  • A 'smoking timebomb'
  • Wear and tear
  • Lawrence Johnston
  • Norah Lyndsy-Excellent flower gardener
  • Should The Trust be more selective?
  • Objective. 200,000 visitors. WHY?
  • Easter egg hunts at Hidcote. WHY?
  • Property Managers
  • Grahams humble hatchback hearse.
  • Car Valeting, mileage, and lodgings.
  • Product Review with Geoff Carr


Listen to Episode 4

A brilliant conversation (Part one of two) with John Sales former head of gardens for The National Trust . John has just brought out his book 'Shades of Green' my life as The National Trust Head of Gardens. Not only an overview of his former role but a lovely insight into the well respected Graham Stuart Thomas and his dedicated and meticulous working practices. 

  • John Sales talks about his wartime experiences
  • Young John gets the horticultural bug
  • Early memories with pampas and conifers
  • Cape heaths and Begonias
  • Writtle, Kew
  • Graham Stuart Thomas
  • VMH medal memories
  • Product Review with Geoff Carr
  • This episode is part one of two 
  • We discuss John's book in part two
  • Thanks to our fab show sponsors MYWINDOWBOX-Bringing the garden to your window.


Listen to Episode 3

  • Richard Gatenby
  • Barnsley House, Gloucestershire
  • Rosemary Verey
  • Julie Dolphin
  • BBC Gardeners World
  • The Nursery at Miserden, Gloucestershire
  • Salvias
  • Pelargs
  • Chris Beardshaw
  • Cafe and Pop up dinners
  • Glasshouses and Vineries
  • Product Review with Geoff Carr

Listen to Episode 2

In this Episode

  • Stephen Anderton talks about his recent book
  • 'Lives of the Great Gardeners'
  • Charles Jencks
  • The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
  • Alexander Reford-Champion of the conceptual
  • Le Jardin de Metis
  • Lawrence Johnston
  • Hidcote Manor Gardens
  • Vita Sackville-West
  • Sissinghurst
  • White Gardens
  • Colour themed borders
  • Worlitz in Dessau
  • Nymphs, fauns, and wenches
  • Artificial Volcanoes
  • Product Review with Geoff Carr

Listen to Episode 1

In this Episode

  • A taster episode of what's to come
  • Stephen Anderton-garden writer for The Times
  • Charles Jencks
  • Richard Gatenby
  • Barnsley House
  • Rosemary Verey
  • John Sales
  • National Trust
  • Book  'Shades of Green-My Life as the National Trust head of Gardens'
  • The young John Sales getting the gardening bug
  • The Nursery at Miserden
  • Julie Dolphin
  • Foster and Pearson Glasshouses
  • Pelargoniums
  • Salvias
  • Product Review Time
  • Geoff Carr in 'The Long Border'