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*************EPISODE 7************


Pam Ayres is on the podcast!!!


The lovely Pam Ayres kindly spent some time with me and talked about her latest book 'The Last Hedgehog' , gardening for wildlife, and revision notes for those of you wanting to win mastermind!!


Available to listen now!!


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I was very excited to recently discover a rare snail in a Gloucestershire garden. Helix lucorum, otherwise known as The Turkish Snail is an edible snail that has only been recorded in London and Cardiff. It's thought that it is being imported with mature trees such as olives or potted nursery stock that are being brought in from Europe. An email from Dr Ben Rowson of The British Conchological Society in London confirmed my findings with the following message:




 Dear Joff

 Many thanks for this record and the coordinates.  I will enter this in the Conch Soc database. It is the first record for VC 33 (East Gloucestershire) and must be an introduction. This eastern European species is also established in London and at one site in Cardiff. Empty shells are occasionally found in plant pots elsewhere.

 I saw your photos back in August. We normally ask for a voucher specimen for a new VC record, and I would be grateful if you were able to send me one, although in this case I am satisfied that the ID is correct from the photo.