I love giving talks to garden clubs, charities, and horticultural societies and can visit you for an in-person garden presentation or speak to your group anywhere on planet earth via the magic of Zoom. My talk is one of very few multi-media presentations that are given in the horticulture industry and includes video, audio, and photographs. 

Note: Garden clubs seem to be very organised this year. I'm already taking bookings for garden club Christmas parties in 2023. Contact me now to get your place in my diary. 


...we had a fascinating talk.

I couldn't wait to see what was next!

A very enjoyable hour.

Well done! That was a most enjoyable talk.

Lots of new information and great photos.

So engaging with video and audio too. Thank you so much.

Brilliant! It's quite clear you love your subject. I wish I could go back 40 years and do what you're doing.

Amazing. How do you spot such interesting things?

We loved it! Can you come back in September?


This years talk

This talk is proving very popular. I show videos of things that I promise you have never seen before. I play audio from gardening experts and several well known celebrities who love their gardens. I also include photos of interesting plants and other things I have seen while down on my hands and knees rooting about in the borders! 

Other talks planned for 2023- 'Who stole my Koi' and 'In the Night Garden'. 

Zoom or visits in person £125 for a 50 minute talk followed by questions. Travel charged at 45 pence a mile both directions.