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Podcasts listed in no particular order

On the Ledge with Jane Perrone

Listen to an episode here

Jane Perrone presents probably the most comprehensive houseplant podcast on the web with a friendly supportive facebook group and hordes of passionate followers. Now winging her way towards 200 episodes Janes is also crowd funding a houseplant book project that you can join in with at her website below.

Go to website www.janeperrone.com

Sow,Grow, Repeat with Jane Perrone and Alys Fowler

One of the early adopters of the format and many of us cut our little poddy teeth on this podcast. An old favourite that is sadly no longer recorded but Alys and Jane make a fantastic duo with rare chemistry, knowledge, and enthusiasm for their wide ranging subjects. In no way dated and still highly recommended.

Listen to an episode here

The Garden Log with Ben Dark

Listen to an episode here

Ben gives his take on 'slow radio' with his soporific tones (in a good way!) and articulate presentation style. A weekly update from a garden he is lovingly maintaining and improving this podcast is peppered with historical references and deep knowledge from an enquiring mind.

Garden Head with Dr.Fay Edwards

Listen to an episode here

New to the podcasting scene Dr Fay Edwards is in a class of her own when it comes to thorough research offering nothing but a balanced picture of her often controversial topics. An in depth and detailed listen for those with an enquiring mind.

Go to website www.fayedwards.com

Roots and All with Sarah Wilson

Listen to an episode here

With diverse topics ranging from worms to the paranormal Sarah has taken the gardening podcast world by storm. Winner of The Garden Media Guild Broadcast of the Year 2019 and with superb guests Sarah's enquiring mind make this weekly podcast an absolute must for your playlist.

Go to website www.rootsandall.co.uk

The Sodshow with Peter Donegan

Listen to an episode here

If he wasn't so young Peter would be known as the grandfather of podcasting. Starting in 2010 and with 439 shows Peter has interviewed, in his unique style, some of the top designers, writers, and gardeners in the game. Sadly no longer running his back catalogue is still available  for us all to listen to.

Go to website doneganlandscaping.com

Skinny Jean Gardener with Lee Connelly

Listen to an episode here

Encouraging children to garden with his successful 2020 school tour and new book Blue Peter gardener and  speaker Lee is a live-wire in the horticultural community. Funny, light hearted, sometimes controversial, but always upbeat, his lively shows will appeal to a younger demographic but with numerous top tier guests there'll also be something for everybody.

Eat Weeds with Robin Harford

Listen to an episode here

Robin Harford is a plant-based forager, ethnobotanical researcher and wild food educator. He has 'published over 50 foraging guide books and established his wild food foraging school in 2008. His foraging courses were recently voted as number one in the country by BBC Countryfile.

Go to website www.eatweeds.co.uk

Fresh from the Pod with Tamsin Westhorpe

Listen to an episode here

Join Tamsin as she travels throughout the UK on gardening adventures meeting inspirational people such as Chris Bearshaw, Sir Roy Strong, and Toby Buckland.  Tamsin is joint chair of The Garden media Guild and runs and maintains Stocktonbury Gardens in Herefordshire. A beautifully produced podcast from the gardening app people at Candide.

Go to the website www.candidegardening.com

Gardens, Weeds, and Words with Andrew O'Brien

Listen to an episode here

The podcast we all wish we'd made; that's how I describe Andrews O'Briens  beautiful  podcast. With a gentle enquiring approach to his subject he combines field recordings from the garden with well considered thoughts on all aspect of horticulture. With reference to literature and first hand experience Andrew also shares writings from guest readers and interviews experts in a broad field of interest.

Go to the website www.gardensweedsandwords.com

The National Trust Podcast

Listen to an episode here

The National Trust website says 'Whether you seek the adventure of our outdoor spaces, the tranquility of our gardens, or the history and culture of surplices, our podcasts offer you a new way to experience the wonder of The National Trust'. Produced to a high professional standard.

Plants from Roots to Riches

Listen to an episode here

No longer running this podcast is a firm favourite from the BBC. They say 'Kathy Willis considers our changing relationship with plants over the last 250 years from tools to exploit, to objects of beauty, to being an essential resource we must preserve'. Top quality from the BBC.

Roots, Wings, and other things

with Jez Rose and Adam Frost

Listen to an episode here

One of the Sunday Times top 5 gardening podcasts. Join honeybee farmer Jez Rose and award winning garden designer Adam Frost as they explore the season's natural changes and everything nature has to offer us throughout the year. Bees, gardening, and soil are discussed while they encourage us to join them in the garden

Go to Adam Frost website www.adamfrost.co.uk

Go to Jez Rose website www.jezrose.co.uk

The Archers

Listen to an episode here.

Fans of The archers will know that gardening is often a popular topic. Listen to Matthew Wilson talk about the gardens at Ambridge. RESURGAM!!. https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thearchers/entries/7b8f2fc3-73a0-4cc9-9507-0d003f5c351e

Got to The Archers website www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qpgr

The Plant Based Podcast

with Michael Perry and Ellen Mary

Listen to an episode here

Go to Michaels website www.mrplantgeek.com

Go to Ellen Mary's website www.ellenmarygardening.co.uk

The RHS Gardening Podcast

The Untold story of Gardening

The Virgin Gardener with Laetitia Maklouf

The Week in the Garden with Peter Seabrook

Trees a Crowd with David Oakes

Go to website www.treesacrowd.fm